Rosie's First Blog

So, this is my first blog as the Accommodation and Commercial Services Intern and I am very excited at what lies ahead! After an intense week in the office I have most definitely learned a lot. It appears that my role is split between both Event Durham and the Retail department and I will be using this blog to update you on all things Retail!  Monday; Monday started quite typically for an induction, in the office being inundated with information about how everything works. Being shown things like webpages, social media, staff rotas, ticketing systems, stock pages, to name only a few.  Quickly scribbling down notes and looking things up in Amelia’s wonderful handover meant that, luckily, I didn’t need to remember everything!  Tuesday; Firstly, we visited the Botanic Garden and despite it not necessarily being the nicest of weather we got a wonderful feel for the place. We had a show round of the beautiful stock they have available and helped tidy up the children’s toys (I really wasn’t a fan of the squishy insects!). The afternoon involved familiarising myself with the various people we work with and the various sites we use.  Wednesday; The morning started with trying to fit five large ... read more

Posted On 11/09/2015
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The results are coming...

While most of us are enjoying our summer jetting off on holiday or having a relaxing break somewhere. I know that there are plenty of sixth form students who will be beginning to get anxious about their impending A Level results.


It seems like a life time ago (even though it was only three years ago!) that I was having endless nights lying awake worrying about whether I had done enough to achieve the grades that I needed to get into University. After the tiring UCAS forms, nail-biting interviews, sleepless nights of revising, soul destroying exams and becoming a complete recluse during exam season it’s unbelievable that the next three years of your life will be determined by the grades written on a single sheet of A4. Taken out of context I find it humorous that I was so terrified a mere piece paper.


I remember so many family members and friends telling me not to worry. It becomes infuriating because they don’t know what it’s like! They are fine,  they have a job, got into university or have their life sorted. They don’t realise your whole future depends on this. But the truth is that it is probably best to take their ... read more

Posted On 07/08/2015
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