Debra is leaving us........... again!!!

So this is my (Debra's) last week in the Retail Office before I go on maternity leave. The feeling is indescribable, knowing that you are only days away from handing over all of your hard work for 14 months, whilst you raise another life. I remember the feeling well, like it was yesterday almost! I can’t believe it was three and a half years ago when I went through the same process to have my first amazing daughter!


I’m not going to lie, it’s been a tough couple of months since Vicky left the Retail Office but I have really enjoyed the challenge and time has gone so quickly. Vicky left us back in October last year for her new role in the Ceremonies Unit and she is doing great. Since then, I have been responsible for all of the outlets across the University, events, University merchandise and promotional enquiries, as well as interviewing and inducting our two new members of staff, Steph and Stacey.


Although Steph has only been here 6 weeks and Stacey 3, it feels like they have been with us forever and I am so lucky to have found two people who I trust so much, to look after everything whilst I am away! Not forgetting Barbara of course, who keeps everything in the office and our stock room running smoothly on a day to day basis.


Stacey is from a ‘ground floor’ retail background, working and managing places like House of Fraiser and BHS. Stacey is my direct replacement and she will be looking after our shops at Palace Green Library and the Botanic Garden, as well as events. Steph, again is from a retail background and she has worked in Sainsburys over the past few years. Steph will be looking after our shops at Queens, the Oriental Museum and the World Heritage Site Visitor Centre, as well as dealing with all finances and promotional enquiries for the team.


Anyway, that’s a quick update from us here at the Retail Office. We will have a huge ‘pop up shop’ in the marquee up on Palace Green for Graduation so should you be in the area, please pop along and see us! Otherwise,  I will speak to you all again in July 2018!

Posted On 16/05/2017
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