Hannah's Intern Diary

I am writing this blog entry just after returning to the office from a session of the Leadership and management course I am enrolled on. Despite being a little warm and out of breath after a power walk up the hill, it has left me feeling really positive. I have so far completed two of the eight sessions and have found them both informing and inspiring. As I said in my previous post, for me, the best thing about being an intern is the opportunity it provides to develop personally and professionally. Today's course was about how we act towards other members of staff and students who we come into contact with on a daily basis, the service we provide and receive. We all enjoy receiving a high level of customer service wherever we go; therefore it is important that we are also willing to provide the very best.

The session ended with a presentation by Catherine Olley, the Accommodation and Commercial Services Continuous Improvement Manager. Catherine's talk really made me think about the way in which we interact with each other daily and how the smallest thing, such as offering a smile and a warm hello, can make the biggest difference. ... read more

Posted On 25/04/2014
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Pia's guide to surviving Easter Term

Final term can be daunting, with a number of summative assignments due in and weeks of exams ahead of you. But try not to stress too much, it'll all be over soon. In fact in a few weeks you'll probably be sitting on the sunny riverbanks, Pimms in hand with not a care in the world (Ok so I can't promise you sun, but you get my gist!).

Here are a few tips I learnt whilst at uni to avoid going into total meltdown:

1. Look after yourself: Ok so 'Mummy Pia' alert but it's really important that you fuel your body correctly. It's so easy to just grab a bottle of coke, scoff that bar of chocolate and spend all night in the library crying into your notes. But seriously, go to bed and get enough sleep, eat some fruit and veg, drink lots of water and try and do some exercise. You really will feel loads better!

2. STOP PROCRASTINATING! Taking an occasional break is a must; however it's so easy to fall into the trap of severe procrastination. Stop Facebooking, Tweeting or cleaning that bathroom that hasn't been cleaned in weeks! Just get on with what you need to do... and NO, ... read more

Posted On 22/04/2014
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