Debra's Last Day in Retail!

Well after over 10 years in the world of Durham University Retail……it is finally my time to move on! I (Debra) have taken on a new role as the Estates and Facilities Co-Ordinator, working with the Relationship Management Team, handling everything from building management and contract management to training needs and room inspections. I have been working for the Retail Office since it was first established, first taking up my position as the Retail Assistant many moons ago! Over the years I then took on more and more shops, and therefore more and more responsibility, becoming the Retail Supervisor to then the Team Leader. Prior to this, I worked for Event Durham, organising the many different conferences and events they had going on. I did this part time, whilst I completed my Law Degree at Northumbria University and the experience I gained was crucial!


I have a lot to thank Accommodation and Commercial Services for…….they have supported my progression throughout the years and now here I am, taking a further step on the ladder! I will massively miss Retail, albeit I am only moving one ... read more

Posted On 31/01/2020
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"Who Knew?"

The University Retail Team is small yet mighty, consisting of just 3 us! Our official titles are Debra – University Retail Team Leader, Ann – University Retail Administrative Assistant and I’m Georgina, the University Retail Support. We are a cracking little team who are constantly on the go, yet love the roles we have! But what aspect of our jobs do we think is each other’s favourite, and more importantly what are our actual favourites?

                For Ann, I would definitely say she loves going to the Botanic Garden, one of our beautiful retail outlets, and having a clean and a reorganisation of all the stock – she has it looking beautiful and works so hard for it to do so! Unsurprisingly, however, Ann herself says ‘I enjoy looking at figures and doing data analysis to see how people are discovering our shop and see where we need to focus our attention, so more people can enjoy our lovely products! (Ann’s love for spreadsheets is very real!) Just to show I was right she adds, ‘I also really like sorting out displays at the outlets!’ Her favourite product is our Graduation Toffee Bear, followed closely by our University Cloth Bag.

                For ... read more

Posted On 03/06/2019
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