Hashtag Graduation!!

I cannot believe it has been over a month since I wrote my last blog entry about Graduation. Time has flown by!

Over the past weeks we have all been extremely busy getting ready for our busiest time of year. It’s bizarre to think that we will now be out of the office and down in the Marquee; months of planning culminate into just one week.

Since I last checked in about Congregation lots has happened.

 Hannah has been busy working on a competition that we’ll be running throughout the week. We are going to have a customer comments box with feedback slips for all our lovely customers to fill in. After the event a lucky customer will be chosen at random to win our highly sought after Graduation Bears! So if you are planning to buy something from the retail stand or just coming in to have a look, be sure to fill in the feedback forms for a chance to win.

Vicky and myself have been busy planning our training days and hiring new staff! We have a great group of students who will be working across the week as Sales Assistants. We thoroughly enjoyed the training session we held on Wednesday!

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Posted On 30/06/2014
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#HannahsInternDiary- we have Instagram!

I don’t know about you but I LOVE Instagram… it seems that there’s nothing ‘lo-f’i or ‘earlybird’ can’t do, improving even the worst photograph.  Now we all fancy ourselves as wanna-be photographers, whipping out our phone whenever we see the opportunity for an artistic snap. Although my own Instagram account is all pictures of food (I can’t resist taking a quick snap before tucking into dinner or a slice of cake!) I enjoy following a whole range of people, from friends to celebs to my favourite cafes and shops.

I was therefore very excited this week when we took the leap and set up our own Durham University Retail Office Instagram account. We will be using this, not only to post photos of the merchandise we have on offer, but also to showcase our outlets throughout the city. We are very lucky to have some beautiful shops including Palace Green Library Shop, The Oriental Museum, the World Heritage Site Visitor centre, and the Botanic Garden.  Although these shops are fabulous enough as they are, there’s no harm in adding an Instagram Filter to get even more stunning results!

I have really enjoyed the social media element of my internship, managing the Facebook and ... read more

Posted On 19/06/2014
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