Amelia's Internship - Going Live...


So, Monday morning is the day I go live in my job role.  All of this week has been easing me into my responsibilities, ready for next week.

I have been receiving orders from our online shop and sending them out all over the world. We had an order all the way from California and it got me dreaming of beaches and sun.

I have paid invoices for items ranging from Coca Cola cans for vending machines to Oriental art pieces for our shop at the Oriental Museum and cleaning products for our outlets.

I have also been on a course, outlining the financial system that the university uses. 

I have sent merchandise to other university departments and journaling the exchanges.

I have responded to what seems like hundreds of e-mails (probably only 30).

And today I had one of the strangest jobs I’ve been given.  I went along with one of the Event Durham Dynamic Diamonds (who organise all of the charity events within the office) and collected a huge bag of ice from Grey College.  This wasn’t to make our drinks cool on a warm day, it was for the ice bucket challenge to be done by George (from Event Durham), Phil and Phil (both ... read more

Posted On 12/09/2014
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Fresher's Week is coming.....


Well summers definitely over…yesterday I was walking home and I was mortified when I actually witnessed a leaf fall from a tree! It’s not all bad news because the start of autumn means the start of term! It’s less than a month until fresher’s week! Throughout the summer in the retail office we have been preparing for fresher’s week and I have become really jealous thinking about all the first years coming to university this year. I am going into my third year at university and I am really starting to dread the twenty four hour library sessions and spending most of my student loan on coffee! I can’t believe that it has been two years since I was getting ready for my own fresher’s week! So for any new starters coming to Durham these are some of the things I learnt from my own Fresher’s experience.

Between you and your flatmates you might just have the domestic knowledge of a normal human

During my first year at university I came to learn how not everyone is so knowledgeable in the domestic setting, even myself! Once you live on your own you realize all the little things you took for granted when ... read more

Posted On 05/09/2014
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