Fresher's Week is coming.....


Well summers definitely over…yesterday I was walking home and I was mortified when I actually witnessed a leaf fall from a tree! It’s not all bad news because the start of autumn means the start of term! It’s less than a month until fresher’s week! Throughout the summer in the retail office we have been preparing for fresher’s week and I have become really jealous thinking about all the first years coming to university this year. I am going into my third year at university and I am really starting to dread the twenty four hour library sessions and spending most of my student loan on coffee! I can’t believe that it has been two years since I was getting ready for my own fresher’s week! So for any new starters coming to Durham these are some of the things I learnt from my own Fresher’s experience.

Between you and your flatmates you might just have the domestic knowledge of a normal human

During my first year at university I came to learn how not everyone is so knowledgeable in the domestic setting, even myself! Once you live on your own you realize all the little things you took for granted when you live with your parents. In my first year I didn’t even know how to work an iron! After several attempts of trying to iron clothes with my straighteners and the death of a few tops I finally had one of my housemates teach me how to iron my clothes! I also learnt another handy way to get rid of creases is to hang your clothes in the shower and let the creases drop out in the steam! So don’t worry if you have a few burnt meals, flood the kitchen or have to chuck a few plates out because of the mould you have let grow on them. There is bound to be someone who knows what they are doing and can help. To be honest learning all this stuff is half the fun and it does provide some funny stories!

Get a doorstop!

So this is a bit of a strange one! One of my friends told me to do this before I went to Uni and I thought it was a crazy idea. The last thing I wanted was random people walking in and out of my room! But this has to be some of the best advice I have ever been given. Even when you live in halls and you are surrounded by people it is very easy to isolate yourself! It’s really easy to lock yourself in your room and only leave when you really need to. It can be very lonely if you isolate yourself off in such a way. But if you leave your door open people will walk in or greet you when they walk past your door and that’s how friendships are started! It really is a good piece of advice and a great way to get to know everyone on your floor.

Do stuff on your own

When I first went to university I was positive I would sign up to all the societies and find hundreds of new hobbies and I didn’t! I was so nervous about doing anything on my own. I didn’t go anywhere unless one of my flatmates or a friend was doing something! I can tell you now going into third year I wish I had gone along and given the taster sessions a try! Most people will go alone; you will meet loads of new friends if you join a society. Although, it sounds cliché university is an ideal time to find out what you like and to find people who share similar interests. So don’t be afraid to try something new because first year is the ideal time to do it!

So to all of you coming to Durham University for the first time I am extremely jealous! Keep an eye out for our exclusive offers on Durham University Merchandise during Fresher’s Week! And have a great first year!



This is my last blog post as I am leaving on the retail office on Monday as I have to return University! So I just want to say a big thank you to the retail office! I have a great summer working with them! Everyone has been extremely welcoming and kind. I have been very well looked after with many cups of tea (the team have even put up with my many types of tea requests depending on my mood!) and some delcious cakes. These guys will make sure you won’t go hungry! I have loved working for such a great team over the summer! Thanks again to the Retail Office!

Over and out…


Posted On 05/09/2014
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