Yeah, Okay and Cool. The three words you cannot live without when starting a new job.

The Durham University Retail internship starts off as a flood of information.  It is exciting being told all the things you will eventually know how to do like it is second nature (even though feels anything BUT natural at the moment).  

People talk at you about things you hope you understand but aren’t quite sure yet.  So all you can do is desperately smile and nod your head looking serious (like you can do this job and you’re amazingly ‘on-it’ and capable) but also friendly (making sure that people will think you are 1) a normal human being who does more with their life than just worry about work and 2) incredibly fun and simply the coolest cat there ever was). 

This does result in a rather strange facial expression, but just stick with it.  It’s what I have been doing and the retail team here at the Mountjoy Centre have been more welcoming than I could have hoped for.  This is most likely down to them being a very close, supportive team, full of enthusiasm and passion for providing fantastic service but I like to think my funny face had something to do with it… though, on second thoughts, maybe not.

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Posted On 04/09/2014
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Adios Hannah!

 Our lovely Retail Intern, Hannah, is leaving the Retail Office today! 

We could sit here and talk to all day about how amazing she is and what great things she has done for the Retail department, but we thought we would pass on a few words from some of her colleagues from around the University.

Bye Hannah, we really will miss you!! Hasta la Vista! Te deseamos todo lo mejor y que te lo pases muy bien en Barcelona. Un beso muy fuerte!! xx


"Hannah has been an example of the perfect intern and it has been a pleasure to see her develop over the past year…I’m not sure what the Retail Office would have done without her to be honest! I am incredibly sad to see her go but wish her every success…and I am only slightly jealous of her move to Barcelona!!" Amy Wilkinson - Cleaning and Caretaking Services Project Manager

"I had the pleasure of working with the lovely Hannah. She is a pleasure to work with , kind and sweet, and whatever you ask she will do her best to fulfil that task . But mainly she's a wonderful person, never heard ... read more

Posted On 28/08/2014
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