Food, Glorious Food!!

In this office it’s any excuse for good food. Be it birthdays, leaving dos, or just plain greed and gluttony - we’re always eating.

We love everything from burgers to biscuits and this week we’ve had it all!

Since Monday we’ve indulged on homemade shortbreads, local toasted sandwiches and burgers, chips and deluxe salad boxes. And of course let’s not forget our go-to trips to the Durham University yum van and the tuck-shop upstairs when hunger starts to kick in.

We’ll start our diets on Monday...

Beth x

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Posted On 08/08/2014
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What do you call a sheep with no legs?

A cloud!!

Its a rainy Wednesday afternoon and what more could you want than a series of bad sheep jokes? 

"What did the sheep say to his friend? I love Ewe!!"

Now you may be wondering, why are we blogging terrible sheep jokes? The reason being because we have just recently sourced these cute sheep cards (made with real wool) for the Botanic Garden Gift Shop. We have a range of cards covering "Baa-days" to "Thank-Ewes".

Now these may not have made you laugh as much as I did, but Im sure no-one could deny their cuteness.



Posted On 06/08/2014
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