Rosie's First Blog

So, this is my first blog as the Accommodation and Commercial Services Intern and I am very excited at what lies ahead! After an intense week in the office I have most definitely learned a lot. It appears that my role is split between both Event Durham and the Retail department and I will be using this blog to update you on all things Retail!
Monday; Monday started quite typically for an induction, in the office being inundated with information about how everything works. Being shown things like webpages, social media, staff rotas, ticketing systems, stock pages, to name only a few.  Quickly scribbling down notes and looking things up in Amelia’s wonderful handover meant that, luckily, I didn’t need to remember everything!
Tuesday; Firstly, we visited the Botanic Garden and despite it not necessarily being the nicest of weather we got a wonderful feel for the place. We had a show round of the beautiful stock they have available and helped tidy up the children’s toys (I really wasn’t a fan of the squishy insects!). The afternoon involved familiarising myself with the various people we work with and the various sites we use.
Wednesday; The morning started with trying to fit five large stock boxes and three people into the Event Durham Corsa, it certainly was a challenge. But after I wedged myself in, with the parcel shelf on my knee, we were off to visit Queen’s campus. Once there, Debra showed us around the shop and then the different areas of the beautiful campus. When we got back to Durham it was mine and Barbara’s turn to have a go at driving the Corsa. After a slight delay in me not being able to work out how to get the car into reverse we were off!

Thursday; Thursday saw us visiting the various other retail outlets with Vicky. After marvelling at the beautiful Alice in Wonderland stock and the adorable new polar bear cards in the Palace Green Library Shop, we headed over to the World Heritage site for a look around. We then visited the Oriental Museum and had a lovely time looking at the amazing stock! The afternoon found us back in the office learning about art exhibition and newsletters…………………..and writing my first blog!

And finally to today! We visited the wonderful (yet warm!) Howland’s shop to carry out the banking. I was also introduced to the colleges up there and found a huge amount of marketing I can get my teeth stuck into with Freshers and the shop itself. 

So, at this moment in time it doesn’t really feel like I’ll be ready to take on all of my tasks as off Monday morning, but I’m sure it will come together. I certainly have learned a lot in a week! 

Conclusion; I’m feeling slightly daunted but excited about the year ahead, fingers crossed to a fantastic year!

Posted On 11/09/2015
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