Amelia's Intern Diary - Election Day Fever

The office has been bustling with some casual talk of the election while we are busy accepting huge deliveries in preparation for graduation.  Life is continuing as normal and work tasks are being prioritised while the most significant election of a generation is taking place out in the polling stations of Britain.

What is pretty much certain is that we will face a hung parliament.  One party will most probably not win a majority and there will have to be negotiations, deals and compromises.  This is not something we are used to having in Britain and it is set to rock the boat on how people feel about the ‘first past the post’ system.

But what is really exciting about this election is that we can all vote.  We sit at our desks, making calls and paying people, tapping away at our keyboards like little woodpeckers while the shape of the political landscape shifts around us.  We have no fear about going to the polling station and voting after work.  We can go home and rest easy knowing that we got to put that X in a box and give our opinion.  People have fought and died for us to get this vote and ... read more

Posted On 07/05/2015
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Amelia's Intern Diary - Annual Leave

Next week I am going on annual leave.  This is something I have never experienced.  Throughout school and university you get allocated holiday time, when everybody is off during the same 3/4 weeks.  When you work, it is not like this.  You can take time off whenever you want depending on who else is in the office and whether there are enough people to cover you.  You are also limited by the number of days you can take off in a year. 

This means I am going off on holiday when lots of my friends are revising for their final year or are working and don't have the same time off as me.  It's very strange knowing that the world just continues, with the office still working with phone calls still being made.

But it also makes it quite exciting. I have come to value any days off I have because they are rare compared to the days off I would get while studying. It is also great because I physically cannot do any of my work when I am away from the office.  I cannot access my e-mails and do not have any of the resources I need in order to keep on working.

This is very different to university ... read more

Posted On 10/04/2015
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