A Day in the Retail Office - By Alice Morton

As a ‘newbie’ to Durham University I’ve spent the day with the lovely Retail team, getting to know them and what they all do……………… although I don’t think a day is long enough to take it all in!


First thing this morning I was rummaging around the stock room fulfilling any new online orders. I was quite overwhelmed by the choice available in there! I really must get myself an American style hoody; they are just so soft, definitely what you need for a lazy day. The rest of the morning was spent with Vicky talking stock systems and tills, which is sadly one of my favourite things to do. Then onto my absolute favourite thing to talk about…… WEDDINGS! Vicky is getting married this weekend so all is very exciting. Then we went on to what I think is the best part of their job, ordering and choosing amazing new stock for all of our outlets. I could literally spend all day just browsing!


Debra then took me on quite an adventure this afternoon.  I was taken on a tour of the gift shops! First stop was Palace Green Library were I got the warmest of welcomes and I was amazed at what was in there! I need to stay away for the sake of my bank balance. Then we went over to the World Heritage Centre which had a lovely art exhibition on the walls. Next we went up to the Oriental Museum; this was a blast from the past as I haven’t been there since primary school, well worth a visit! Last stop was the Botanic Garden which is quite frankly a shoppers paradise! I don’t think there was a single thing I couldn’t use for a mother’s day present (my mam might as well live in the garden the amount of time she spends on it) and the cakes added pounds on just looking at them.


All in all I have had a pretty exciting day getting to meet loads of lovely people and enjoy the rarity that is sunshine in England. J

Posted On 08/08/2016
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