The results are coming...

While most of us are enjoying our summer jetting off on holiday or having a relaxing break somewhere. I know that there are plenty of sixth form students who will be beginning to get anxious about their impending A Level results.


It seems like a life time ago (even though it was only three years ago!) that I was having endless nights lying awake worrying about whether I had done enough to achieve the grades that I needed to get into University. After the tiring UCAS forms, nail-biting interviews, sleepless nights of revising, soul destroying exams and becoming a complete recluse during exam season it’s unbelievable that the next three years of your life will be determined by the grades written on a single sheet of A4. Taken out of context I find it humorous that I was so terrified a mere piece paper.


I remember so many family members and friends telling me not to worry. It becomes infuriating because they don’t know what it’s like! They are fine,  they have a job, got into university or have their life sorted. They don’t realise your whole future depends on this. But the truth is that it is probably best to take their advice. It doesn’t help worrying or stressing about what that piece of paper will say on the 13th August. Those grades are set and it’s a horrible waiting game to see how you have done.


Yet, whatever those results are on the 13th August the world isn’t going to crumble into a thousand pieces. There is a lot of support and a lot of options available to you if you haven’t achieved the grades you wanted. I have plenty of friends who were so disappointed they missed out on their place at University but it turned out to be the best thing that happened to them.


Having a year out to re-sit can be one of the best opportunities! No other time in life will you be given a year of freedom. It’s a great chance to apply for work experience and make sure you are one hundred percent certain on the course you are applying for at University. It can be a chance to travel and see the world for a long period of time that is not available when you enter full working life! It can be a well-deserved break from education, giving you a chance to study part time and work part time. Or it can be a great way to save up some money!


It’s going to be disappointing and no doubt upsetting if you don’t get the grades you need on the 13th August but don’t let it set you back. Keep working and fighting because you will acquire what you need to get into University!


There will also be the many of you who do succeed in obtaining the results you need! What an exciting feeling it is! When I first found out I had secured my place at University I screamed at the top of my lungs with excitement!  However, I was soon overcome by a worrying panic of that I was leaving home and starting a new life. It is a massive leap but it’s going to be the most exciting times of your life!


If you are coming to Durham University we are currently in the process of beginning our Freshers preparations and we have some great new merchandise and offers lined up for our new starters!


Good luck to everyone receiving their results on the 13th August and congratulations to students in Scotland who already have their results!


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Posted On 07/08/2015
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