Amelia's Intern Diary

Well, well, well!  This Blog has been a bit neglected for the past 4 months and Debra’s post last week was a welcome break from the silence.  This marks a change in pace for us and we will now upload a blog post every week.  That’s right!  Every week.

Over the last few months I feel like I have really settled into the role and become a lot more efficient.  I’m juggling my responsibilities well and have learnt so much about being part of an organisation with a high reputation. Aside from this, there are a couple of new things to report.

We now use the social media dashboard ‘Hootsuite’ to help us manage our posts on Facebook and Twitter.  This means we can schedule our posts in advance and set up a plan for the week ahead.  You should now see us posting at weekends, but we cannot reply to any comments until a weekday!  We cannot use Hootsuite to post pictures on Instagram or pin things on Pinterest, so anytime you see activity on them it will be us pressing the ‘post’ button!

We have also set up a Google+ account under the name ‘Durham University Retail Office’.  Why not give us a follow and add us to your circles?  We recently had a vote on whether our customers would be interested in a Durham University Monopoly board.  We had a wonderful response with over 120 people voting and commenting.  We love the type of customer engagement where you can share your thoughts with us on what you would like to see.

I have been processing the finance for a lot of internal promotional enquiries that have been actioned by Debra over the past couple of months. These range from bags to bracelets and are made for the various departments at Durham University.   This is a huge part of our role at the retail office but it is often a part that people forget.  With only 4 people in the office, it can get busy!

It’s safe to say we enjoy how varied our jobs can be and we cannot wait to see what Easter brings this year!

See you next week!


Amelia Monks
Retail Intern

Posted On 24/03/2015
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