10 things I love about Christmas

With it being the end of term and the time of the year when everything is festive I thought I would share with you the top 10 things I love about Christmas.  With pictures to make you feel truly Jolly, be prepared to be smacked in the face by Christmas!

1) Ugly Christmas Jumpers

Ugly Christmas Jumpers


2) The Food

Christmas Dinner


3) Christmas carols

Charlie Brown Christmas Carols

4) Gingerbread Houses

Pia's Gingerbread house


5) Time with family.

 There is nothing like being with family!


6) Christmas Films

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas


7) Christmas trees

It's just so beautiful....


8) Decorations and Lights!

A beautifully decorated fireplace

9) Giving presents (and getting them)



10)  The Spirit of Christmas!

Joy, Hope, Peace, Goodwill, Happiness and Prosperity


I leave you with Merry Christmas wishes and happiness for the New Year!


-- Pia

Posted On 11/12/2014
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