Hannah's Intern Diary- Home Sweet Home

This Bank Holiday weekend I went ‘home’ home… i.e. back to my parents’ house. This isn’t something I do very often, largely due to the fact that I am currently carless and despite being only an hour and a half away, via public transport it’s a torturous 3 or so hour trek involving multiple buses and trains. This weekend, however, I was able to catch a ride with my sister who lives just up the road in Newcastle. Don’t get me wrong, I love Durham, however being from Whitby I do miss the seaside; that moment on the drive home when the sea just comes into view is something quite special for me.

Without doubt one of the best things about going home is being ‘looked after’, permission is granted to regress to your childhood and let mum and dad do everything for you. I used to appreciate this when I was a student but even more so now that I am working full time. Although I am now technically a ‘proper’ grown up with a job, I have to admit that I still live in some ways like a student… my fridge always seems to be empty to be yet at home it is almost bursting open with food, so much choice!

As an Intern I have not only been learning about the roles needed for my job but also, if you like, how to manage all the responsibilities that come with being a ‘grown up’. Although at university I lived in a house, cooked and cleaned, there was always that sense of security that there was something to fall back on, a safety net.  Also, the long university vacations often prevent the sense of permanence you get from living and working somewhere all year round. This year, therefore, has been beneficial to me in that made me more mature… although I wish I could go back to the council tax free student days!

Going home this weekend gave me time to think and reflect in different surroundings about my progress here and what I want to achieve in the coming weeks and months. Even two days away can be just what you need, whether student or in employment, to feel more energised and refreshed, motivated to reach your goals. I would suggest the same to students, particularly during the stressful exam period. If you can, perhaps consider a weekend away from Durham, whether this be at home or elsewhere, where you can get your thoughts together and boost your productivity (as well as getting fed!).

I’ll leave you with this photo of one of the ducks from my village.

Until next time, Hannah.






Posted On 08/05/2014
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