Hannah's Intern Diary- Time flies

Is it just me or is time FLYING… how can it be May already?? Personally I blame the fact that Easter was late this year, suddenly it’s over and BAMM April has gone.

I was talking to a colleague the other day, who is also on a fixed term Internship, about how quickly our time here is going. Being on a 12 month internship I have very much been tracking the progress of my year here through the key events in my diary. Scarily so many of these have been and gone, with thoughts now firmly focussed on the event of the year here in the Retail Office,  the Summer Congregation ceremonies, which will this year run from 1st- 4th of July. The Retail Office runs a ‘pop-up’ shop in the marquee on Palace Green giving new graduates the chance to buy a piece of Durham memorabilia before they move on to pastures new.

I have heard from the rest of the team that the lead up to graduation is an exceptionally busy time with stock arriving left, right and centre to be stored away until the event and lots of plans to be put in place to ensure that everything runs smoothly from start to finish. I am already looking forward to the week itself. I actually worked as a casual member of staff for the Retail office during my own graduation week in 2012, it was great to be involved in such a joyous event, everyone celebrating their own success or that of friends and family. As I was also graduating at the end of the week, it was nice to see many of my own friends, who had ceremonies on different days of the week, dressed up in their cap and gown.

Anyway, the point is that with so much going on the weeks are guaranteed to fly by up to my finishing date at the end of August. Instead of going into panic mode about what I’m going to do with my life, I have decided to use the fact that I have a limited amount of time left here at the Retail Office in a positive way. It’s so easy, when short of time, to fret away the precious hours, days or weeks we do have rather than using every minute effectively. This is something I have learnt from my internship, when there is a lot to do, becoming panicked or stressed is totally counterproductive. Instead making a plan and sticking to it is the only way.

 In light of this and following on from my last post about setting SMARTIES targets, any work related targets I do set will automatically meet the criteria of being ‘time-bound’. I have therefore vowed to use the fact that I have 4 months of my internship remaining as a motiving factor. From now until August I am going to take every opportunity to learn and develop. Time does fly, so make the most of it!

Posted On 01/05/2014
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