Let us introduce ourselves...

We're a small team here at the Retail Office... here's a little bit about each of us, our role and what we like getting up to outside of the office!

Name: Amy Wilkinson

Role: University Retail Manager- I oversee all Retail operations, manage the team and the finances! I also get involved in other projects across the University and in the local area, working with Colleges on their merchandise ranges for example and involvement in the world class Lindisfarne Gospels Durham exhibition that took place last summer.

A little bit about me: I am a Durham University graduate and I come from the University College camp! I am a bit of a fitness junkie as I go to an 'alternative' gym, go running, take yoga classes and play tennis at least once a week... and I will be taking part in a Tough Mudder race this year just for fun!! I also enjoy cooking (not baking!!) but only for myself... cooking for others is just too stressful!


Name: Vicky Thomas

Role: Deputy University Retail Manager- I am involved in buying for various shops including the Botanic Garden, line manage our office-based team and I am the first point of call for promotional enquiries. I particularly enjoy visiting our outlets and working at our events.

A little bit about me: I am not a Durham University graduate, I gained a degree in Marketing from the University of Huddersfield but I am actually a County Durham local. My friends would describe me as a total geek, partially due to my love of all things Harry Potter! But I am also a massive film fan and will watch any film featuring Christian Bale or Tom Hardy.


Name: Pia Neave

Role: University Retail Supervsior- I manage the student convenience shops, supervise our casual staff and am the first point of contact for all operational matters. My favourite part of the job is co-ordinating and supervising events, especially Christmas Festival and Summer Graduation!

A little bit about me: I am a Durham University graduate, I bleed Hild Bede! I moved to Durham from Madrid, where I lived for 7 years, in 2009, I also lived in Czech Republic for 7 years prior to Madrid. I love baking and doing the Results with Lucy exercise videos. My dream is to travel the world... next stop ROME! My go-to interesting fact is that my Great-Great Auntie, Ethel Le Neve, ran away with the famous murderer Dr Crippen. The case was famous because it was the first time they used trans- Atlantic radio to catch a criminal!


Name: Hannah Taylor

Role: I am the current Retail Office Intern which means that I do a whole variety of tasks every day, from financial activities to managing our social media pages and processing orders. I love the varied nature of my role and particularly enjoy attending events!

A little bit about me: I spent a year away from Durham following graduating from Durham University in 2012 but have now returned to live and work here.. it's great to be back! My home town is Whitby in North Yorkshire, which everyone seems to associate with fish and chips although I promise I don't eat too many when I'm there! I studied History at university and love visiting new places, finding out about their past and culture and generally exploring!





Posted On 10/04/2014
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