What do you call a sheep with no legs?

A cloud!!

Its a rainy Wednesday afternoon and what more could you want than a series of bad sheep jokes? 

"What did the sheep say to his friend? I love Ewe!!"

Now you may be wondering, why are we blogging terrible sheep jokes? The reason being because we have just recently sourced these cute sheep cards (made with real wool) for the Botanic Garden Gift Shop. We have a range of cards covering "Baa-days" to "Thank-Ewes".

Now these may not have made you laugh as much as I did, but Im sure no-one could deny their cuteness.



Posted On 06/08/2014
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Time Flies when youre having fun

 And boy have we had fun this last year working with Hannah!!

Last night was Hannah’s leaving do, but don’t panic because she’s still here for another month. Being the busy team we are we struggled to find a date we could all make; last night was the only day none of us were on holiday!!

The evening started at Whisky River for some cheeky cocktails… cocktails of choice were cucumber and elderflower mojitos, blueberry and melon mojitos and champagne cocktails. From there we went onto Zen where we had an amazing meal.

 For her leaving pressie, Hannah received a beautiful flower Pandora ring. Now she can no longer claim she’s the only member of Retail who doesn’t own anything from Pandora!

 We all had a fab night celebrating Hannah’s time with the Retail Office, and when the time does come we’ll be very sad to see her leave. But she’s off to pastures new in Barcelona, where we know she’ll have a great time!

We’ll miss you lots Hannah,

Love Team Retail! xox



Posted On 01/08/2014
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