Durham has come alive

My walk to work has become a lot more interesting over this past two weeks.  The population of Durham seems to have doubled with the arrival of every fresher.  There have been excited grins and wide eyes from the new students, seeing their new home in all its beauty for the first time.  This is not an open day or a taster session.  This is the real thing.

I can’t help but think back to my arrival in Durham three years ago.  The mix of nerves and excitement flooding through me.  I truly had no idea how much I would fall in love with this city and that I would stay for another year after graduating! 

My time at Durham University as a student was most definitely one of the best experiences of my life.  Of course there were struggles and trials along the way but ultimately that’s what made it all worth it.  Not only was my degree course and department something that excited me and changed my perspective on things but college was one of the places I felt most myself and free to be the person I wanted to be.

Attending the University of Durham was one of the best decisions I ever made and all of the 2014-15 Freshers have done the same.  I could not be more excited for this next year, working for the University I love in one of the most beautiful cities in the UK.

Here’s to an exciting year!



Retail Intern

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Posted On 07/10/2014
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